Reckitt Camp 2022

9 - 10 Mayıs
  • Organizasyon Reckitt
  • Tür Kamp
  • Konum Online
  • Son Başvuru Tarihi 25 Nisan 23:59

Reckitt Camp 2022

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If you are in the 3rd or 4th grade or postgraduate student, we are very excited for your application!

You can participate in the Reckitt Camp individually. You will be matched with your teammates at Reckitt Camp!

Your application is sufficent for being participant. Reckitt Turkey HR team will assess your motivational note and your CV and reply your applicaiton.

You will have chance to know Reckitt Turkey better which is one of the most important international players of the FMCG industry. You will learn to be a part of a team. Reckitt Camp will provide you to analyze and improve your skills.

Your Reckitt Camp application does not affect your job applicaiton. If you would like to be a part of Reckitt Turkey, it will be evaluated seperatedly.